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Facial for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, your skin needs extra attention and care to tend to its slightly finicky nature. When you never know what product or treatment is going to turn your face into a red and irritated mess, the most common thing to do is to steer clear of anything that might cause a flare up; this often includes avoiding buying new products at the store, and even getting a facial at a clinic or spa. However, you don’t need to count facials out completely! One of the best ways to calm your skin and restore its overall health and wellness is to treat it to a facial performed by knowledgeable skin specialists who have worked with sensitive skin before. By using natural products (or products designed exactly for your sensitive skin concern) and a gentle touch, facials can be a great way to soothe and treat all types of sensitive skin.

At our student clinic, your sensitive skin is in good hands with either the Natural or Medical facial. Whether your sensitive skin comes from being acne-prone or allergic, having eczema or rosacea, or any number of other skin issues (such as stinging, itchiness, or even razor burn) classified as “sensitive,” the facials provided by the student clinic will offer a nurturing and replenishing experience for your skin. The Natural Facial is organic, biodynamic, and holistic, and the Medical Facial can be customized to your specific skin condition’s needs.

When it comes to sensitive skin, you have to be a little more careful with products and procedures during a facial. For example, all skin types require exfoliation to remove built-up dead skin, but it needs to be done gently on those who have more sensitive skin; all products used during the facial also need to be gentle, without irritating ingredients or strong fragrances. Every product used in the aesthetics clinic is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The Natural Facial uses products from Dr. Haushcka, a German holistic skincare company that uses ingredients sourced from biodynamic farms. The Medical Facial uses Image skincare products designed to address problematic skin issues.

Don’t let your sensitive skin prevent you from enjoying a healing and relaxing facial – simply talk to an esthetician to find out what will work for your skin (and what you should avoid).

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