Woman face massageMassage is good for the body, the skin, and yes, even for the face. As an estheticians you could offer facial massage with our other services for added benefits for the client.

When a client is getting a massage in general, they are in a relaxed state. The same goes for a facial massage. There are so many muscles in the face that get used repetitively and aggressively. These muscles carry a lot of tension, causing the tendons in the jaws to be tight as well. Releasing the tension and the stiffness in these muscles will help the client reach great levels of relaxation.

Facial massage can help or even reverse skin conditions. It brings more blood flow to your face, which brings more fluids to the affected area. More fluids and more blood flow means more oxygen levels. All of which are healing elements.

Facial massage can benefit acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions which include chronic inflammation. Facial massage also increases circulation.

Please consult your physician before seeking a facial massage to be sure that this treatment is right for your condition.

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