There are mixed opinions about the benefits of drinking water and the appearance of your skin.  Drinking water regularly throughout the day will lead to enhanced health which can then lead to a bright, healthy glow.  Some experts feel it isn’t the most efficient way to hydrate the skin.  Yes, you will be nourishing cells on the inside, but using harsh soaps and detergent-based cleansers can easily dry out skin on the surface.  Continuing to use these types of products on your skin will counter the effect of drinking water.  In addition, if you have a naturally dry skin type, then drinking water can only do so much.

Drinking water will absolutely reduce bloating and puffiness, particularly under the eyes.  If you have been consuming a lot of sodium-rich foods, the best way to counterbalance the inevitable puffiness is to drink water.  Water removes toxins from the body which can dull the appearance of skin.  Also, drinking water can improve circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and all other systems.  When your body is functioning at it’s peak level it will show in your skin.

There are many other factors at play contributing to the overall appearance of your skin, not just the amount of water you drink.  Genetics, exposure to the sun and damage caused by smoking can all play a roll.  Of course, drinking water in combination with the products you put on your face and the foods you eat will lead to a healthy radiant glow.

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