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“Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall” -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.  As cheesy as you might find this quote, it’s one of my favorites and a great reminder that life is a constant cycle of renewal.  I love the autumn; it’s my absolute favorite season!  The weather gets cooler and the drinks get warmer.  It means the start of a new school year, boots, sweaters, amazing food, beautiful colors, and of course pumpkin spice everything (or if you’re like me, mulled spice everything)!  To me, during this time of year, everything feels brand new. Makeup is no exception- fall is a great way to change things up with your look!  Here are my favorite trends for Fall 2017.

1. Metallics

Metallics are making a major explosion this year.  From copper eyeshadow to rose gold lips, metallics are everywhere this fall.  To wear the look without looking like the Tin Man or a disco ball that fell out of 1983, choose one focal point and let the rest of your makeup be more subdued.   Whether it’s your eyes or your lips, be bold with it, own it, and rock that metallic like your inner Whitesnake-bumping, mini skirt-wearing self wants you to (while still looking like you belong in 2017)! The pictured look is a rose gold lip lava from Bodyography in Crystal Moon.

2. Sunset eyes

Think Smokey eye meets Colorado sunset!

Get the look:

  1. Start with an eye primer applied from upper lashline to brow. Follow with a neutral shadow across the lid.
  2. The secret to a smokey eye is blend, blend, blend! (*fluffy eye brushes are best for this…you will have trouble if you try blending a shadow with a stiff bristled eye brush).
  3. Choose warm sunset-invoking colors like rose, pink lavender, peach, brick, mauves, burnt orange, terracotta.
  4. After tapping excess shadow off of your brush to avoid fall out on your under eye, lay your most intense color down on the lash line and blend toward the brow. (Remember:  the spot you lay your color down first will be the spot where color is the deepest, so think about it before touching that brush to your eye).
  5. Line the eyes (brown or a dark walnut goes great for sunset eyes). Now you can use that stiff bristled brush to smoke (smudge) the liner slightly. Go over the line with the liner a second time to intensify the line.
  6. Finish the eye with two coats of black or dark brown mascara.

3.Blurred lips

Lip liner is taking a hiatus this year, this look is all about having a smudged line around the edges of the lips.  It can be as bold or subtle as you like!

Get the look:

  1. Apply concealer the same shade as your skin around the outside edges of the mouth.
  2. Add your lip color to the center of your lips and blend outward with your finger or a brush.
  3. Repeat step two a second time, to achieve a gradient look.

4. Unruly Brows

This year brows have been large and in charge. We’ve seen the overly architectural brow, the microbladed brow, the brow extension, the squiggle (or is it wiggle?) brow; we even saw the braided brow.  But the hottest look for this season and going into winter is the full, natural, unruly brow.

Get the look:

  1. Visit our student clinic and make a brow appointment to help you grow your brows out, your brows can do their own thing but still be defined and polished by removing the hairs that fall out of line.
  2. Use a brow pencil in the same color as your brow to make small, feathered, hair-like strokes. Follow that by using a clean mascara wand or brow brush to blend to avoid harsh lines.
  3. Finish up with a brow gel, I especially like volumizing fiber gels.
  4. The unruly brow looks great with a natural eye look and a bold lip!

Finally, if you chose to remain a classic in a world of trends, you can always rock a bold matte lip with a natural dewy complexion to always look up to date and put together.

~By Emily Davis