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Fall Skincare Tips

During the autumn months as the temperatures begin to cool and in Colorado you may even see the first snow fall, you might notice a more likely chance for breakouts.  Temperatures seems to have bigger fluctuations from day to night with warm days and cool nights.  During the warm days, your skin is still producing oil, but the cooler air can create dead skin cells.  Oil and bacteria can get trapped under the layer of dead skin cells, thus causing breakouts. 

Follow a few simple rules to avoid breakouts during the fall.  First and foremost, avoid using a cleanser that high foaming.  These types of cleansers can strip the skin of much needed hydration.  Many people often think that if you have oily skin, then the solution is to dry it up.  But that solution will only cause more breakouts.  Avoid toners that contain alcohol. 

The next tip for fall skincare comes from the Ayurvedic tradition of healing.  It is recommended that you drink warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.  This ritual allows the body to eliminate toxins more efficiently.  When you are able to get rid of toxins the likelihood of breakouts becomes less.  Also, be sure to get enough sleep every night.  With the nights lengthening, you might find it’s easier to get to bed earlier, you might even feel more tired during this seasonal transition.  Giving your body enough time to rest will allow the body to eliminate even more stressors for the skin. 

Finally, be sure to schedule a deep cleansing facial with a licensed esthetician! Check out our esthetician school’s student clinic for a pampering facial.

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