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Floral Facials & Herbal Adornment

herbal adornmentWe teach our aesthetician students to integrate plants and flowers into their facial sessions by using actual plants and placing them directly on the skin in an intuitive and nourishing way to bring the energy of the plant in contact with that person.   The intention with a Floral Facial and an Herbal Adornment is mainly focused on the spiritual and energetic aspects, harnessing the healing properties of plants when they are in direct communion with the receiver.  We consider these “plant allies” as helpers in the relaxation and healing process. 

We believe that facials can and should be healing on many levels.  Of course facials should work on the cosmetic level, addressing specific skin conditions and improving the quality of the skin, and facials should also be opportunities for relaxation and stress relief along with energetic and spiritual cleansing to help the receiver emotionally let go and release, which will ultimately help the physical manifestations of internalized stress and emotions.

A Floral Facial integrates flowers into the facial, and rose petals are one of the loveliest flowers to use for this treatment.  Roses have the highest vibration of flowers and are considered the Queen flower for women’s health and healing.   You can start using the flowers at any point during the facial.  At the beginning, you could place a rose petal on various pulse points along the body, in addition to placing them on the person’s abdomen, heart, and hands. 

You could use a rose petal over each eye during any time when you would need to cover the eyes, like during a masque application and when using the magnifying lamp to look closer at the skin.  The rose petals are not heavy so you could place a cotton round over the rose petal to help it remain in place and weight it. 

During the facial cleansing step, the facial massage step, and the moisturizing step, you can crush two rose petals in your hand and mix a facial lotion with some water and then rub that mixture along the receiver’s upper chest and face.  The vibrancy of the rose petals will be released even more when crushed and blended in this fashion.  Having an oceanic rhythm along with encouraged, deep breathing is essential during this step for the sense of harmony and flow. 

You could use any flowers you would like and have easy access to–anything fresh from your garden is of course preferred, but in the winter months you will certainly want to connect with a local florist for the freshest flowers.  If you choose roses, then be aware of the color you choose as well.  A white rose will help most with grief and sadness, where as a red rose is more about love, which for the facial clients, that relates to self love and self-healing. 

The end of the facial is the best time to create a work of floral art on the client.  Take the rest of the rose petals and place them (with water or lotion) on various parts of the arms, upper chest, neck, and face.  Your client’s body is the canvas and you are the artist, creating a spiritually infused work of Floral Art to complete the facial.  You should encourage the client to remain still and relaxed for several minutes after you complete the floral artwork.  At the end of the session, you could take a photo of the person and text/email it the client to have as a memento for that experience. 

plant brushingsHerbal Adornment is nearly identical to a Floral Facial except you use various herbal plants in addition to the flowers or in lieu of them, and then you continue to adorn your client throughout the facial.  The herbal aspects are best added when you can use fresh herbs and plants from your garden, greenhouse, or indoor varieties.  You would crush the herbs and mix with the facial cleanser, lotion, and/or moisturizer and mix with water just like you did with the Floral Facial.  You would then lather the person with this beautiful and healing mixture of facial products, water, and crushed herbs.  The best herbs to use are ones that grow in your garden, such as mints, sage, basil, marigolds, and lavender.  Then at the end of the facial, you can adorn your client with these herbs–placing them along the arms, chest, neck, face, and head.