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How to Get Glowy Skin in November

When you think of glowing skin, you probably think of summer. Let’s face it – the fall and winter aren’t a time when sun-kissed skin is a focus (if you live in colder climates). When the majority of your skin is under layers of clothes all season, the desire for glowing skin kind of loses its luster.

However, just because the weather gets chilly doesn’t mean you have to give up that summer radiance! There is no time like winter to give you face a little hint of the sunshine you are missing. Instead of intense bronzing and golden tans, lighten up your routine to give yourself a natural glow – even in November.

Here are a few tips for glowing winter skin:

Choose a lighter bronzer. Your bronzer doesn’t have to compete with a tan during the winter; for a natural-looking glow, the best bronzer is one that is just slightly darker than your skin tone. Anything too dark or glittery will just make your complexion muddy and fake. A light bronzing will give your face just a touch of radiance.

Skip your nose. Putting bronzer on the bridge of your nose actually accentuates dark undereye circles. Stick to the basic areas – your hairline, temples, and jaw line.

Stop sweeping, start buffing. Instead of using harsh, concentrated bronzing lines that come from angle brushes, use a big fluffy powder brush to make small circles around the areas you want bronzed. This will give you the softest, most natural application.

Finish with a highlight. But not highlighter! Highlighters can be too shimmery for winter; instead, use a sheer liquid foundation or concealer that’s just a little bit lighter than your skin tone to create a natural glow that isn’t in-your-face shiny. A little dab on the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, and just above the tail end of each eyebrow will really brighten up your face and give you glowing, radiant skin all winter long.