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Getting the Most Out of Your Aesthetician Program

Making a commitment to becoming an esthetician, means making a commitment to working hard, studying and learning everything that you can about your new career path. 

Upon completion of your 600 hour program, you are required to pass the Colorado state board exams so that you can work as a Licensed Esthetician.  It’s important to employ a variety of study techniques to retain all of this new information.  There are many online programs that can help create a set of flash cards.  This can be particularly helpful if you are making a transition from a different career.  Another helpful study tool is to take a hands-on approach.  When learning about anatomy, physically touch the muscles and bones that you are learning either on yourself or maybe have a friend help you.

Develop a list of resources that you can turn to for inspiration and new information.  Begin researching online message boards, trade magazines and books.  Surrounding yourself with all available knowledge will help you hone your skills during esthetician school and after graduation.  Attend trade shows regularly.  This will keep you up to date with the latest trends, new products and new scientific information.  Keep your eyes open for continuing education classes and opportunities. 

Learning a new craft can feel incredibly challenging, but is always rewarding.  Remember that what you put in is what you will receive.