Career as an esthetician can be rewarding and very enjoyable. It is a gift to be able make others feel good. Being an esthetician is a profession, and often a business you own. It may be helpful to take time and write out how you see your business now and in the future, listing things from work hours, your vision, your goals and aspirations. Below are tips to help you shape your esthetician career as a professional esthetician.

1. Education

Write down what education you have received, as well as what other special training you’d like to do in the future. Mark down yearly goals for education. This also might give you an idea of what specifically you like to do as an esthetician. Maybe you want to focus on medical esthetics or makeup application.

2. Business Plan

Type up a business plan for your business. Often people find it difficult to write a business plan, it doesn’t have to be. Write what is important for you, what is your vision and how you want to operate. The business plan is flexible, take a look at it on occasion and see if it still matches what you believe and how you want to move forward. Tweak it as necessary.

3. Business Model

Define for yourself what type of a business model you prefer to follow.

For example, answer these questions.

Do you prefer to work in a salon or in a doctor’s office?
Do you prefer set your own hours or would you rather be on call or work a regular schedule?
Do you dream about owning your own spa?
How do you prefer to get paid?

4. Professionalism

As professionals we’d like to have a long, lucrative and fulfilling career. Treat yourself as a professional.

Arrive to appointments on time, be courteous, kind and compassionate.

One great trait for successful professionals is being a good listener. Your clients will love you and keep coming back. Write down qualities that you feel are important as an esthetician – think of yourself as a client and these will come easy.

Add on other sections as you see fit to your notebook. These could include marketing, self care, budgeting, etc. Once you look at all the sections you have jotted down you may start to see a bigger picture of who you are as an esthetician, a wonderful, unique, beautiful care giver, doing what your heart desires. Enjoy the journey.