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How to Choose Natural Skincare Products

At the School of Botanical Aesthetics, our primary focus is teaching prospective estheticians about the importance of treating skin in a holistic and natural way.  Preservatives and toxic chemicals are put into cosmetics and skincare products even though they might be labeled “natural” or “herbal.”  It is an important part of our school’s focus to educate the public that there is an alternative to these highly toxic products that are widely available. 

Unfortunately, the beauty industry doesn’t really have any governing body that oversees what can and cannot go into beauty products.  Therefore it is up to the consumer to use a bit of common sense and understand what to look for when shopping for high quality natural skincare products.  The reality is quite startling.  Only 11% of the over 10,000 chemical ingredients that go into products are actually test.  The average woman will put onto their bodies over 120 different chemicals in one day if using conventional products.

The first thing a consumer can do is read the label.  If an ingredient is unpronounceable or you’ve never heard of it, then you can assume it is not good for.  All ingredients should be recognizable. Keep in mind plant based ingredients might be listed as their Latin name.  Just because a product has organic ingredients, it does not mean that all ingredients are organic. 

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