There isn’t one secret or technique that will make your skin healthy and beautiful.  In fact, all it really takes is a concerted effort and commitment to taking care of your skin. 

First and foremost, make sure to wash your face every morning and night.  This will keep oil, dirt and bacteria off of your skin.  Even at night your skin is secreting oil and toxins, so that morning wash is just as important as the evening.  Also, when your skin is clean, your skincare products work better. 

Avoid skincare products that may irritate your skin.  You usually know right away if a product is not going to work for your skin type.  If your skin feels dry, tight or greasy, then consider ditching the products and try something else.  Your esthetician can make recommendations for you. 

Exfoliate regularly, but not too often.  Your skin has a delicate balance that is important to maintain.  Over – exfoliating will lead to irritated skin and possibly create permanent damage if done too often. 

Protect your skin from the sun.  Sun damage is the number one cause of wrinkles and aging in the skin.  Finding a good sunscreen that you can use daily will help eliminate this factor.  Be sure to protect your skin year round. 

Finally, see a professional esthetician on a regular basis so she can perform professional treatments.  While a strong commitment to your daily routine is key to healthy, beautiful skin, there are some things that you can’t achieve at home.  Find a trusted, licensed esthetician to help you achieve the glow you are looking for.

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