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How to Increase Your Male Clientele

When you think of spas, skin products, or treatments, the marketing is often times focused solely on women. It’s time to change the way we think about potential clients. The importance of men’s skin care has become much more mainstream; men are increasingly interested in skin care products and spa services that will benefit or improve their skin.

Switching up your attitude toward men’s skin care can result in a huge business growth opportunity and an increase in bookings, sales, and clients. According to research by the New Product Development Group, 90% of men in the United States ages 18 and up use some sort of grooming product. Four out of ten men use a daily facial cleanser instead of soap, one out of four uses a scrub, and one out of five uses anti-aging products and eye gels. A third said they were concerned about dry skin and signs of aging. These numbers mean one thing – men care about their skin and are buying products and services your business could provide!

But how will you make the switch to gender-neutral marketing? Here are a few tips that can help attract more male clients to your business:

  • Design – from the decor of a spa to the packaging of products, a casual, neutral design is necessary to avoid excluding men. Overly frilly, pink, traditionally “girly” design is a sure way to send male clients elsewhere.
  • Advertising – as with design, advertising techniques should appeal to both sexes. Everyone wants healthy looking skin (facials, peels, etc.) and relaxation (massages). Promote these services and related products in a way that is direct and to the point!
  • Know your potential clients. Men and women think differently, and it is important to the success of your business that you understand and employ different marketing strategies. For example, men are often more loyal to a product and are less interested in trying something new; men are also often less price-resistant. For your business to grow, you may need to tweak your marketing strategy to make yourself a more attractive option for male clients.