We have noticed an increased uptick in acne due to using masks for longer periods of time. The dreaded maskne.

Masks are causing the skin under the masks to become more dehydrated trapping oil and bacteria in. The skin thinks it’s dry and produces more oil.

Thoughts from our fabulous Aesthetics instructor Kat DeJesus: “I think bacteria from our mouth spreads to our skin, and secondly because we are creating a dry, hot environment under our masks definitely isn’t helping.”

What helps?

Exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week. An enzyme mask a few times a week would be great even for the most sensitive skin.

In addition, make sure to switch out disposable masks a few times a day, if possible. Use cloth masks for one day and reuse only after washing them.

Also, implementing great skincare can always help. For example, MGS Balance Oil cleanser, from our superb instructor Martin’s skincare line, is perfect for cleansing without stripping necessary oil and creating more dryness. Balance treatment oil as a daily moisturizer (or even adding a few drops to a favorite moisturizer) can help rebalance and regulate oil production while supporting the skin and not drying it out. With Neem and Niaouli oil it’s an organic powerhouse to kill bacteria causing acne.