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Leg Waxing for Cyclists

Like all sports, cycling has its own culture developed within the sport. Included in this culture, is shaving and or waxing of body hair. Bare legs have been common place for several years. With some reasoning behind it, some newer cyclists on the scene may be asking one question: why?

There are a few theories and reasons behind the practice. But the main group partaking are the professionals that are concerned about making better time in their races. But the trend is also seen trickling all the way down to the rookies.

From a professional biker’s point of view, the less hair on the body, the less wind resistance. It is a similar idea with swimming; the slightest millisecond can make the difference between winning and losing.

Another reason to consider is professional cyclists get massaged quite regularly to relieve those muscles of the ache that builds up after long rides. Massage with lots of hair…doesn’t go well. Follicles can get irritated, and it may even at times become painful. Less hair means better relaxation during these sessions.

And when a biker goes down on the road, it is a chance for injury. Bikers have discovered that if there is a significant amount of hair at, or around the injury site, it can cause more pain and more difficulty (especially when changing bandages).

So there are several reasons behind why these cyclists have created their own culture. Now the question remains…do we shave, or wax?

It all comes down to preference. If you prefer to wax and not endure the pain of waxing, then find the best brands of razors and shaving product for you. But if you like the longer lasting effects of body wax make sure you are choosing good wax that will not harm your skin in the process.