male makeup artistBecoming a certified esthetician opens up a world of job opportunities for men who consider entering the field where majority of practitioners are women. For most people, learning from someone with experiences close to their own is the best way to excel. Our program not only features every course you need to achieve the career of your dreams, but also knowledgeable male and female instructors with rich and diverse backgrounds. Our carefully selected staff offers a variety of information, experiences, and ideas, giving you one of the best-rounded esthetician training programs available today.

Passionate and incredibly experienced, our staff can set you on the path to obtaining the professional licensing you need, as well as provide training based on their unique niches in the field. For those looking to enter into the field of skincare, our instructors, male and female, will teach you how to do a detailed skin evaluation, perform facial massages, offer a variety of chemical treatments, and provide you with a detailed, current understanding of overall skincare, creating a solid foundation for your future career. From there, learn the top makeup tips and tricks, including color theory, the different types of makeup and the products available, and application techniques.

Of course, no esthetician training would be complete without a heavy focus on business skills and responsibilities. Whether you choose to become a freelance makeup artist or work as a skincare specialist in a salon, a strong grasp of best business practices allows you to build an established reputation while constructing a strong, loyal client base.

Male estheticians provide an incredible approach to various aspects of this field, and by learning from our amazing instructors, you’ll have the range of knowledge you need to create the career of a lifetime.