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Masque Appeal

Taking yourself for a facial is the ultimate form of self care, and we think the masque step is arguably the most luxurious part. You’re already half asleep and in in bliss mode and when your aesthetician methodically paints the goods on your face with a feather soft fan brush… It’s enough to make you swoon! Did you know your skin is the last organ to receive nutrients from the body but the first to show nutritional deficiencies? Your skin is asking begging for some topical nutrition.

Masques are a targeted treatment that physically cover the surface of your skin with high concentrations of active ingredients. These key ingredients help your aesthetician know what mask to chose for your skin type and condition.

Exfoliating masks made from fruit acids and enzymes dissolve dead surface cells revealing brighter more vibrant complexion. Treatment masques  follow the exfoliation. The intention of these masks is to purify, heal, or nourish. Clay masks, rich in minerals, clays, and mud derived from the earth detoxify, absorb oil, prevent clogged pores, tighten, and make pores appear smaller. Gel masks may contain botanicals such as aloe or other hydrating ingredients targeted to soothe and cool inflamed and angry skin.

Other treatment masks targeted toward dry skin or skin showing visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles may include nutrient rich ingredients such as peptides, plant stem cells, essential fatty acids, vitamins, which are there to moisturize, repair, revitalize, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. We like to think of these as a multi vitamin for your face.

No matter the current state of your skin there is a masque that can help heal, preserve, and improve it’s appearance. So lay back, relax and let your skin eat up all of the yummy goodness!

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