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Medical and Natural Esthetics Program

Many licensed estheticians are seeking employment in a medical setting.  Currently, there is no separate training or certification required.  The School of Botanical Aesthetics’ 600 hour program will prepare you to work in the medical field if you have the desire to share your skill with a different segment of the population.  Our training provides instruction in anatomy and physiology of the skin, so you feel prepared to work in any setting that you choose.

A medical esthetician, sometimes known as a clinical or paramedical esthetician, is a skincare specialist that works with people who are dealing with skin problems caused by disease, trauma or other medical conditions.  A medical esthetican will have the same duties as a natural esthetician. Medical estheticians will work with clients to treat and maintain the healthy appearance of their skin, whether it is reducing the effects of chemotherapy or helping burn victims ease the pain of scarring.

A medical esthetician with a background in holistic skin care, can be a wonderful source of information for those looking to use natural, botanical products.  They can help clients understand which products to use for cleansing and moisturizing.  They can even help patients choose the right make-up to accentuate their natural beauty by camouflaging a scar or learning how to pencil in the shape of eyebrows that have fallen out due to chemotherapy.

If you have a calling to truly make a difference in the lives of those you work with, choosing to provide your esthetician skills in a medical setting may be the perfect place for you.