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Natural DIY Recipes for Glowing Skin

Winter is now in full swing, and everyone knows what that means for our skin: added dryness, flakiness, redness, and a dull looking complexion. With the holidays wreaking havoc on your wallet, the last thing you want to do is spend a ridiculous amount of money on chemical-filled skin care products that will leave your skin looking worse for the wear. DIY skin care remedies using natural ingredients are a great way to gently exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, and even out your complexion, all while avoiding the harsh and possibly damaging chemicals of over-the-counter beauty products. Many of these ingredients are probably already sitting in your kitchen, or can easily be found at your grocery store.

No matter the season, your skin needs special attention to stay looking bright, smooth, and flawless. Your skin is important, and should be treated in the best possible way! Try these easy, effective, natural beauty recipes to give yourself a radiant, glowing complexion year-round.

1. Baking Soda & Honey

This recipe is as easy as one, two three! Combine 1 tablespoon honey with 1 teaspoon baking powder and a few drops of water to create a thick paste. Gently massage the mixture on your face and let sit one minute before washing away with warm water; the baking powder will gently exfoliate away any dead skin cells and increase circulation, and the honey will cleanse and moisturize your skin. Your face will feel like new and look fresh, glowing, and healthy!

2. Pumpkin Puree, Honey, & Milk

Nothing says ‘tis the season like pumpkin! Using pumpkin as an ingredient in your skin care routine, and not just in your seasonal food and drink, will give you smooth, glowing skin in a matter of minutes. To make your own pumpkin puree, just cut away a few chunks of clean pumpkin flesh, boil until soft, and throw it in the blender or food processer until smooth. Mix two teaspoons pumpkin puree, ½ teaspoon honey, and ½ teaspoon milk and apply it to your face. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water, and voila: radiant, smooth skin!

3. Herbal Skin Cleanser

Herbal facials are a gentle and natural way to cleanse your skin of build-up from pollution, oil, make-up, shampoo, lotions, and other products. Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 teaspoon dried herbs or a handful of fresh herbs (fennel for dry skin, peppermint or rosemary for oil skin, and rose for combination or sensitive skin); steep 10-15 minutes, strain, and add 1 tablespoon powdered milk. Apply to your face with a cotton ball, then rinse with cold water.

4. Yogurt & Honey

Probiotics like those found in plain yogurt can do wonders for brighter skin. Combine two parts plain yogurt (Greek or regular) with one part honey, spread on your face, and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water for bright, radiant skin and a glowing complexion.