Let’s face it – everyone suffers from dry skin. Whether it’s weather-related or year-round, dry skin and eczema can be some of the most uncomfortable things to deal with. Itchy, inflamed, red, dry, flaky skin needs to be dealt with, and fast.

If you suffer from eczema, your skin is most likely producing less fats and oils than it should be, leaving your cells lacking moisture and more susceptible to irritants and bacteria. Keep in mind that there may be other causes, such as poor diet, allergens, or genetics that may not respond as well to topical treatments.

Here are the top 5 natural remedies to soothe skin, retain moisture, and treat the discomfort that comes with dry skin.

1. Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Nutmeg

Yet another use for coconut oil! Coconut oil and cocoa butter will give your skin the nutrients, vitamins, and moisture it lacks and severely needs. Nutmeg acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and redness. Use one part coconut oil, three parts cocoa butter, and enough nutmeg to form a paste.

2. Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, and Dead Sea Salt

This combination of ingredients is excellent for replenishing moisture. Shea butter and rosehip oil are highly moisturizing, and dead sea salt offers a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin. Use three parts shea butter, one part rosehip oil, and enough sea salt to form a paste.

3. Honey, Baking Soda, and Clove Essential Oil

Honey is known for its natural moisturizing and cleansing properties, and is great for sensitive areas (such as the face). Baking soda will help the skin’s overall pH balance; add a few drops of clove oil for its stimulating, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Castor Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Castor oil has been shown to both treat and prevent eczema. Because it is extremely heavy (which is great for repairing damaged skin), adding a few drops of sweet orange oil will help avoid weighing your skin down. Sweet orange has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and can support collagen formation. This is one treatment that doesn’t need to be washed off!

5. Apricot, Hemp Seed Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil

Due to the sensitive nature of eczema, gentle oils are going to be crucial for treating the irritated, inflamed skin. Apricot and hemp seed oils are mild, yet powerful! Apricot seed is full of vitamin E and fatty acids to help restore moisture. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to soothe the skin and fight the inflammation-causing bacteria. Lavender oil is antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory and will help restore balance to your skin.

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