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Orange is the new Black

We are officially in the heart of fall here in Denver. We’ve had our first snow, the air is cooler, and a little drier, and the leaves are going through that sublime change we get to see for about two seconds every year. As we move into the colder months our skin is going through some maybe not so stunning shifts as well. Between turning up the heat (drying it out even more), the start of ski season (windburn), and the start of comfort food season (breakouts), your skin might need a little pick me up. Not to worry, the big cheese of the season, pumpkin, is here to save us all.

Unless you live under a rock you may have noticed pumpkin spice EVERYTHING… everywhere. From Cheerios, to protein powder, to my dog’s treats, it’s become a major trend on shelves. The nostalgia and comfort that pumpkin invokes brings many of us straight back to childhood. PSL may be in its hay day now, but pumpkin has been a major player in the skin care game for many years. Pumpkin has a plethora of benefits to get that skin back into tip top shape.

Pumpkin has a natural enzyme that dissolves surface cells, revealing a brighter more youthful complexion. In the world of esthetics, we talk about enzymes and their “Pac-Man” abilities. Enzymes are unique in that they search out dead skin cells and digest them, leaving the live cells, just like Pac-Man. When there is a buildup of dead cells on the surface, all of the great products you might have invested in, and are taking time to apply to your skin each night, aren’t going to penetrate to their full potential. Pumpkin enzymes also work to decongest clogged pores caused by sluggish oil trapped in the follicle. It is a good rule of thumb to exfoliate approximately 3 days a week. It is important to note the importance of wearing a sun block as exposing this freshly exfoliated skin will make it vulnerable to the sun. I like Solar Block from Sanitas Skincare.

Pumpkin is also packed full of yummy vitamins to enhance the function of the skin. Vitamin A fights signs of aging, pigmentation, and also breakouts by helping to regulate cell production and speeding up cell turnover. Along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that repels damage and keeps your skin looking younger and brighter. Pumpkin has a small molecular weight, allowing it to travel deeper into your skin and making it highly effective.

To reap the benefits of this magical fruit you can apply a pumpkin mask three nights per week at home, my favorite is Sanitas Skincare Pumpkin Enzyme Mask made with local Colorado organic pumpkins. In addition to that, once a month give yourself the gift of self-care in the form of an “Age Defy Facial” so that you can receive this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask under the steam which gives it a super charge, you will receive all of the other skin-tastic benefits of a facial (deep cleanse, increased circulation, plumping, hydrating, brightening, pure love).

You sooo deserve it!

~Emily Davis, L.E.