Long female legs on white backgroundThese days almost everybody waxes—underarms, bikini area, chest, back, and more. It is important to think about post-waxing skincare in order to keep your skin looking beautiful and vibrant.

It is wise to keep the skin moist and soft, and if you have been waxed in an area where skin might touch, it may be helpful to keep the area from rubbing by applying antibacterial cream and taking extra care. Here are some additional tips to keep your skin looking beautiful post-wax:

Exfoliate the area

Along with regular moisturizing, exfoliate the skin about three days after waxing. This way it has had a chance to heal, and you should look to use a very gentle exfoliator, as to not irritate the newly sensitive skin. Exfoliation works to remove dead skin cells by helping them slough off. If dead skin cells clog the area it can detriment the growth of new hair, which may cause painful, embarrassing ingrown hairs to appear.


Moisturizing is an important aspect to the post-waxing skincare process. You can use moisturizers with cooling aspects such as Aloe Vera gel. This will help promote smooth healing, and ease the post-irritation from waxing, if you have any.

Avoid the sun and swimming

Your skin might be tender and soft in the area you had waxed, and can now be more prone to infection. It is also much easier for your skin to burn in the days and even weeks after it has been waxed, and the beach should be avoided for a bit while you heal. This also goes for extreme exercise and sweating, depending on the waxed area. If you must be in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, take the necessary precautions and wear a hat or clothing that covers the area. Some sunscreens might irritate the area, so be careful of what you choose to put on your body, and where.

Waxing can help improve your appearance, boost confidence, and remove unwanted, unsightly hair. The amount of sensitively after the wax will vary from person to person—everybody is different. These tips, however, hold true, and you should take extra special care of your skin in the days after a wax to ensure that it stays beautiful, moisturized, infection-free, and radiant.