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Selecting the Right Music for Esthetics Treatment

Your esthetics clients will appreciate the relaxation that is provided by a wonderful facial treatment. Incorporating calming music to your treatment can enhance the client’s blissful experience. Piano instrumentals can be an excellent choice for creating just the right atmosphere. Here are the names of a few artists and groups that will provide a genuine sense of relaxation for any type of esthetics treatment.

Chad Fiscella, Liquid Mind, Rudy Adrian, Brian Eno, and Anuguma are piano and instrumentalist artists providing an outstanding selection of calming and relaxing sounds and rhythms. A particularly nice piece from Liquid Mind is Take Me Tenderly, Liquid Mind is an alias used by Chuck Wild who was born and raised in Kansas City. He has a number of new-age CD compositions which include Lullaby produced in 2008, Relax produced in 2008 and Liquid Mind Viii: Sleep produced in 2006.

Your clients should be the focus when selecting music for your esthetics room. Finding the right music can sometimes feel challenging.  Ask for recommendations from other estheticians, or listen to a variety of Pandora Radio stations that offer new age, meditation, and even yoga music. You will find great new artists to bring into your music mix.

Make a few different playlists and alternate between playlists and artists, this keeps your treatment sessions fresh and relaxing.