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Skin Resolutions to Make this New Year

New year, renewed skin! Now is your chance to take 2017 by storm by putting your best face forward. Let’s face it – even with the best intentions, everyone makes skin mistakes, whether it is skipping a few days of sunscreen or sleeping with your makeup on. This year, make your resolution healthy, radiant skin by following these simple skin must-dos:

Moisturize after showering. The warmer your shower, the more your skin is stripped of its oils. The best time to lock in moisture and keep your skin soft and supple is to keep a bottle of lotion in the shower. This way you will be reminded to apply it within 10 minutes of showering for the softest skin! Choose a lotion with a flip top, as pump bottles can let water in a grow bacteria.

Wear sunscreen daily. This advice will never change, and for good reason. Wearing a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF daily will help prevent UV damage and skin cancer. There are tons of options available, including non-greasy and sheer sunscreens that won’t feel heavy or mess up your makeup.

Take off your makeup at night. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight allows it to clog up your pores and trap free radicals against your skin, causing acne breakouts and long term damage. To avoid falling asleep with makeup on, wash your face as soon as you get home. If you just can’t make it to the bathroom sink, keep a pack of makeup remover wipes next to your bed for a quick fix.

Book a yearly dermatologist appointment. It is important to have a skin professional look you over once a year, no matter how diligently you check your moles or other skin issues. They know what they are looking for!

Keep your hand off your face. It can be so tempting to pop a pimple or absentmindedly touch your face throughout the day, but your hands contain tons of pore-clogging oil and dirt. So, hands off!

Don’t neglect your hands. Your hands are very sensitive, and the skin is more prone to signs of aging. Use SPF hand cream and moisturizing versions of regular antibacterial soaps. For extra care, apply a thick lotion to your hands at night (if you are really into it, add cotton gloves after application to wear overnight to lock in that added moisture).