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Skin Therapy for Fall

Have you started pulling out your cold weather clothes, turning the heat back on, and drinking more hot chocolate? That’s right – fall is upon us! This calls for lifestyle changes, wardrobe changes, and changes to your beauty regimen.

Analyze your skin.

As the seasons change, so does your skin! The transition between summer and fall is the perfect time to really take a close look at your skin and notice any changes that may be happening, such as dryness, tightness, flakiness, and dullness. These changes are usually due to a lack of moisture; as the more humid summer months fade, they are replaced by a crisper, drier air. Many of the following tips are focused on replacing the lost moisture.

Put away the soaps and cleansers.

Harsh soaps and cleansers will only dry out your skin during the colder months. Instead, switch to soap-free, cream cleansers to retain moisture and give your skin a break.


Exfoliation is important year-round! With fall near, it is important to regularly exfoliate to avoid flaky, rough skin and to remove any dead skin build-up resulting from sun damage. Oil-based scrubs are ideal for this time of year as they are moisturizing and gentle on the skin.

Switch to a thicker moisturizer.

To maintain that radiant summer glow, now is the time to switch from light moisturizers to thick, richer creams. If you have oily skin, you may only need to apply a moisturizer once daily; for dry skin, you can also incorporate a nighttime cream into your routine to really lock in the hydration.

Vitamin C.

You may think of vitamin C when it comes to cold and flu season. However, it is also an essential ingredient to apply to your skin topically that helps brighten dull winter skin. It also helps keep away free radicals that lead to signs of aging.


Every season, sunscreen is one of the most important products you should be using on your skin. Just because the sun isn’t shining as brightly during the winter months doesn’t mean your skin won’t be damaged by UV rays! There are many moisturizers that contain SPF so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Hands and lips.

Don’t neglect these extra-sensitive parts of your body during the fall! Your hands and lips are prone to dryness, cracking, and redness during the cold weather; start moisturizing now to prevent chapped, uncomfortable skin throughout the winter.