You might think that by the time menopause approaches you will be done with skin problems forever, but the truth is that menopause actually causes many skin issues to reoccur. The good news is that making skincare a priority during menopause will enable you to maintain your glow and ensure that teen acne does not come back.

Menopause and Oil

During menopause your body will produce more oil, which can result in acne and increased skin issues. However, you can take heart in knowing that after menopause the amount of oil production will be reduced substantially and the size of your pores will shrink in size as a result. Once you get past menopause the true beauty of your skin will be able to shine through. The only hard part is adjusting your skincare routine to help you manage the time in between.

Creams That Build Collagen

If you want to have confidence and increased beauty during menopause, you should consider using skin creams that contain collagen. There are many creams on the market that are designed to build collagen and help you to reduce the sign of wrinkles. Any creams that are designed to build collagen will also help to enhance your youthful glow and add thickness to your skin. A vitamin C serum is a good source of collagen that will be a great part to any skincare regimen.

Scrubbing Your Skin Clean

Scrubs are the ideal way to keep your skin clean and remove dead skin. However, it is important to choose a scrub during menopause that is not overly abrasive. You want a gentle scrub that is designed to remove dead skin without causing irritation. It is also a good idea to only use a scrub about 3 times a week to ensure that your face is adequately protected.

Embrace the Change

Menopause changes your skin by lessening the amount of collagen and elasticity. This will often result in more wrinkles and skin that looks more sagging. However, if you choose skincare products that add a collagen boost, you will be able to combat the signs of aging. As menopause ends your skin will begin to normalize and you can embrace the change that has overcome you.

Take Time to Take Care of Yourself

It is important to make time for yourself. Treat yourself with a facial, which is a great treatments for your skin along with giving you a little escape for relaxation and rejuvenation. We offer natural and medical facials and many other skin care services, see if any of them catch your eye, book an appointment (or more) and you are on your way of taking care of you.