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Kat DeJesus


Fierce, passionate, makeup goddess, and all-in when it comes to educating and our students!

Kat is an amazing and inspiring Instructor! She is daring and always pushes the boundaries of Makeup and Aesthetics. She really lights up the room when she is around!

Makeup Slayer

Kat can’t hide her love for makeup, and all things aesthetics even if she tried. Authentically herself – her style is unmatched. she brings her A-game every day, and there isn’t a makeup look She can’t slay.

Kat puts her heart into everything that she does. She energizes the room. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is never afraid to remind you how valuable you are.

I will say that Kat is THE MOST upbeat, enthusiastic, and positive instructor, esthetician, and just overall person! She is equal parts all things skin NERD and ray of sunshine!