Becoming a licensed esthetician can be an incredibly rewarding career. There are many advantages to choosing this field.  First and foremost, you are more than just trying to make someone look pretty.  Particularly at the School of Botanical Aesthetics where the focus is more holistic and natural, you will learn to create an experience that is filled with deep nourishment.

As a society we often underestimate the power of touch.  We are usually too busy to give ourselves some relaxation and stillness.  Or perhaps the idea of getting a facial seems self-indulgent.  As an esthetician, you can make an incredible difference in the lives of your clients by encouraging this type of self-care.  It has become increasingly obvious that when you feel good both on the inside and the outside, your self-esteem increases thus creating more confidence.

Another rewarding experience about becoming an esthetician is that each day will offer new challenges.  Each client has special and unique needs in regards to their skin.  When you are able to give each client your undivided attention and really offer solutions to common skincare issues, they will feel that attentiveness and want to continue working with you.

It’s an exciting time to become an esthetician,  the field of skincare is ever changing and new scientific research is uncovering more and more about the complexity of the skin. You can be part of this cutting edge field.