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The Business of Being A Licensed Esthetician

You’ve completed your 600 hours of training to become a licensed esthetician.  With certificate in hand, you are ready to set out making your mark in an exciting field with a focus on holistic, natural skin care.  In the back of your mind, there is the looming question: now what? 

The good news is that you’ve chosen a field that has potential to be quite lucrative and incredibly stable.  People are always going to be looking for ways to look and feel younger and that begins with your skin.  Not only do you need to be a knowledgeable and compassionate esthetician, your also need to develop your business sense and start thinking like an entrepreneur.  Due to the fact that the School of Botanical Aesthetics provides holistic training, you will be filling a niche in the skin care industry.  You need to use that to your advantage when trying to attract new clients. So that means getting really comfortable with networking and marketing yourself at every opportunity you have. 

Be sure to have everything in order whether you are establishing your room or will be working at a salon or spa. Both can present some interesting challenges.   This includes getting liability insurance, setting up an LLC if needed, and understanding how to pay taxes as an Independent Contractor.  Talk to the spa owner about the marketing that they will do for you. Do you need to provide your own products and if so, know how to keep track of your inventory.   

It can often take time to build up your clientele and you may want to consider getting the support from a mentor when you are first starting out.  This way you can rely on someone who has been there, done that to answer all of your questions, not just about the esthetics but about the business side of it, too.