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The Esthetician’s Role in the Future of Skin Care

The field of skin care is a constantly changing landscape of research and science.  What was believed to be true five years ago has now proven to be false today.  An esthetican serves an important role in this ever shifting body of research and clinical studies.  It means that estheticans need to continue to educate themselves as new advancements are being introduced.  This knowledge is vital to keeping their clients educated and clearing up any misconceptions that being spouted, particularly by skin care companies.

At one point in time a facial was little more than a mask, some cream and steam machine.  It was quite relaxing, but there wasn’t much effect on clearing up skin care issues.  Now, estheticians must be trained in ever-changing technology in order to provide facials that truly show results.

Skin care products and treatments are now created based on science and research.  Clinical studies in the field of skin care are more common as everyone searches for the fountain of youth.  It is up to the esthetician to use a level of discernment when recommending products to their clients.  For instance, science has proven that vitamins in skin care products are actually effective anti-aging antioxidants.

Finally, we now know that aging skin is caused by inflammation that is part of the natural process in the body, but you can hasten the effects by overexposure to stress, harsh chemicals, the sun and smoking.  All of these things release free radicals which causes damage to cells thus speeding up the aging process.  With certain lifestyle changes, you can reverse the signs of aging.  Estheticians must be knowledgeable about which specific lifestyle changes can create radiant, glowing skin from within.

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