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Three Summer to Fall Beauty Transitions

September is the time to start transitioning your beauty routine from summer into fall. Although it may still feel like summer, chilly temperatures are just around the corner!

The truth is, your beauty routine – skin, hair, makeup, etc. – should change with the seasons. Every season brings environmental factors that will affect your body differently, so it is crucial to adapt your routine. Be the healthiest, happiest you year-round with these three summer to fall transition tips:


Your lips need to stay hydrated during both the hot summers and bitter winters; often times, a heavier lip balm will provide you with the added moisture and protection your lips need to survive chilly winds, cold temperatures, and drying indoor heating that can leave you chapped and flaky. If staying on trend is your thing, opt for deeper shades of burgundy, merlot, and aubergine when it comes to lip colors.

Face & Body

The skin on your face is extremely susceptible to the elements, especially during winter. While everything else is covered up with layers of clothing, your face is usually exposed to the chill. This means dry, chapped, irritated skin. Switching your moisturizer to a thick, rich cream can help avoid these problems. Getting regular facials is also an excellent way to maintain your radiant summer complexion!

This goes for your body as well! Your skin is prone to dehydration and scaliness from face to feet, so do yourself a favor and lather up with rich butters and lotions. To eliminate any flaky patches that may arise, treat yourself to a gentle weekly exfoliation, followed by moisturizer.


Cold weather can leave your hair looking dull, dry, and lifeless. Look for hydrating hair masks, leave-in-conditioners, hair serums, and herbal rinses to keep your hair shiny, soft, and silky all winter long.

Your beauty routine doesn’t need to undergo a full-on makeover. All it takes are a few tweaks here and there, and the transition between summer and fall will be a breeze.