600-Hour Esthetician Program Tuition

The total program tuition is $10,400.

We are not a FAFSA school and cannot offer federal financial aid.

We do not provide scholarships or grants and we do not accept military benefits or VOC rehab. For assistance with financing, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution.

Tuition Payment Options:

All options include a $250 deposit deduction. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

1. Pay in Full with a check

Total tuition: $8,590
Includes a 15% discount

2. Pay in Full with a Credit Card

Total tuition: $8,902
Includes a 12% discount

3. 12-month payment plan (Interest-Free)

Monthly payment: $802.50
Includes a 5% discount

4. 18-month payment plan (Interest-Free)

Monthly payment: $563.89
No discount

600-hr Program + Advanced Certification Bundle

We offer 4 Advanced Classes upon licensure, exclusively for our Alumni!

You can take these classes & pay for these ala carte after you get licensed, but we offer a way to pre-pay for those & get 40% off bundling all 4 of them together.

A la carte tuition:
Chemical Peels, 24 hours, $650
Dermaplaning, 16 hours, $550
Microdermabrasion, 14 hours, $400
Microneedling, 8 hours, $600
Total Advanced Certification Cost: $2,200

Advanced Certification Course Bundle (with 40% Discount): $1,320

Tuition with Advanced Cert. Bundle

Pay in full with check + Advanced Class Bundle 40% off
Total tuition: $9,910

Pay in full with credit card + Advanced Class Bundle 40% off
Total tuition: $10,222

12-month payment plan + Advanced Class Bundle 40% off
Monthly payment: $912.50 per month

Additional Required Expenses (estimated) for the 600-Hour Program:

Textbooks: $300 – $350
Sheets & Products: $50 – $100
Total (estimated): $350 – $450

We do not accept federal financial aid (FAFSA) for tuition and we do not offer scholarships or grants.

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