Skin craves nutrients. It wants to be healthy. To keep skin adequately nourished, we need a lot of water, and proper vitamins. Vitamins C is one of the necessary vitamins for skin.

Vitamin C is not only important for immune health and other major body functions, but it is important for skin as well. The vitamin is essential to collagen formation in skin, muscles and other tissues found in the body. Without proper amounts of collagen or proper collagen formation, wrinkles will form easier and quicker speeding up the aging process.

This super power vitamin also destroys free radicals in the cells of the body. During cellular respiration, mitochondria are constantly making Oxygen and releasing it (which is a free radical) into the cellular system. Free radicals have been linked with aging. Vitamin C will actually destroy free radicals before they can reach the cellular membrane, slowing the aging process.

Vitamin C also acts on proteins and other vitamins. There is a long complex process on a cellular level that includes Vitamin C regenerating Vitamin E, which is also essential to proper skin health. It also blocks an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is a crucial element in the formation of melanin. If the enzyme were abundant, hyperpigmentation and spots would occur throughout the skin.

If you are prone to scarring, Vitamins C and E can be very useful in minimizing their appearance. There are products available that are topical. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to consult your physician prior to trying any of these natural remedies.

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