esthetician waxing male chestFor most men, body hair grooming requires sauntering the fine line of looking like a lumberjack from the ’90s and resembling a post-pubescent boy band member. Finding this line, and staying on it, is no easy task, yet that is exactly where we excel.

Male waxing receives a lot of flak, but well-done grooming looks natural yet manly, giving the appearance that you were simply born with the perfect amount of macho-body-hair rather than bordering on the metro-sexual look the average man avoids. Our professional waxing for men makes striking this balance easier than ever, and we offer the perfect services to allow you to achieve that manly-but-groomed appearance you’re after.

Eyebrows: Waxing this area can quickly spiral into overly-girly territory; and while there’s nothing wrong with that preference, it’s not a look most people are after. We remove just the right amount of hair to make brows look groomed and neat without being feminine.

Back: Back hair is normal, yet too much can be a turn-off for most partners. Our aestheticians quickly remove unsightly hair, allowing you to forgo the razor as well as the embarrassment of asking a partner to tackle hard-to-reach areas.

Chest: Eighty-percent of men have chest hair, yet the majority would prefer a smooth surface. Rather than leave behind a trail of stubble with a blade, opt for this waxing for men service for a smooth, low-maintenance alternative.

Ears and nose: Excess testosterone means excess hair, but the ears and nose are two areas you don’t want to appear bushy. Forgo trimming and achieve long-lasting results with this popular waxing for men.

To top it all off our services are priced much lower than typical spa prices. We also offer convenient online scheduling.

We look forward to seeing you soon!