It’s normal to have regular breakouts as a teen and even well into your twenties.  You may be beyond that age group, but still seem to have the occasional breakout.  Of course, there all kinds of theories out there as to why we have to deal with those annoying blemishes.  There are few factors that might actual be the cause and avoiding some of these factors could potentially eliminate those breakouts altogether.

One thing to consider to avoid breakouts is do you tend to touch your face all day.  Even if you do it subconsciously, touching your face can leave dirt and oil behind thus making your face dirtier than other parts of your body. 

Another factor is diet.  Much has been said about chocolate, greasy foods and sugar being the culprit.  Estheticians believe that  eating dairy can actually create more blemishes. These are the breakouts that happen on the chin, along the jaw-line and neck and usually last weeks. The best thing to do is experiment with eliminating dairy and then slowly begin to reintroduce it to determine your tolerance level.

Of course one of the biggest factors is stress.  When you are experiencing a high level of stress, your adrenal glands produce cortisol, the stress hormone that causes and inflammation and creates all kinds of havoc in the body.  The cortisol makes the sebaceous glands in the skin produce more oil.  This oil then creates acne.  Practice calm inducing techniques, like meditation and get at least seven hours of sleep each night.