MicrodermabrasionLicensed estheticians are gaining a foothold in the mainstream medical community as there has become more and more of a need for their skill and knowledge in regards to skincare.  As those already licensed as estheticians are moving into the job market, more and more skincare professionals are seeking employment as medical estheticians in a variety of locations.

Medical estheticians bring their skills and expertise around skincare to a medical setting.  Their main job requirement is to help patients learn how to take care of the skin as they undergo medical treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions that can have an effect on the appearance of skin.

Medical estheticians can now be found working in dermatologists, oncologists’ and cosmetic surgeons’ offices.  They may even find employment in hospitals.  Wherever they choose to work, their duties will vary only slightly.  A medical esthetician working in a dermatologist’s office may spend their time exfoliating skin or treating precancerous cells. Or they may use restorative treatments for those who may be suffering from different skin conditions or diseases. A medical esthetician working in an oncologist’s office might help chemotherapy patients care for skin that has become sensitive due to treatment.  A medical esthetician may even find themselves working with burn victims to show how they can use make-up to conceal scarring.

Working as a medical esthetician takes a person who has a desire to work with patients who need a kind, caring professional who can handle some emotionally intense situations.  It can be incredibly rewarding to work as a medical esthetician serving a population that can truly benefit from your diverse skills and knowledge.