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What Does Your Skin Tell You

facesThere are so many different types of products marketed to us for our skin – moisturizers, exfoliators, toners, scrubs, cleansers, brighteners, you name it. The problem is, how are you to know what your skin really needs? Do you really need to apply that heavy lotion before bed or use that exfoliating scrub in the shower? Are you using products for a skin type or problem that is completely wrong for your skin? Often times we listen to the commercials rather than our own skin; the truth is, your skin doesn’t need the harsh ingredients and abrasive treatments these skincare products offer.

Regardless of the specific skin issue you may have, whether it is acne, dry skin, unevenness, etc., the most important thing your skin needs is balance. Your skin has natural cleansing and renewal processes that it goes through every day, and what it needs most is to learn how to deal with the environment, your physical health, and other stressors that cause these natural processes to become unbalanced. Acne, excess oil or dryness, and redness are all indicators that your skin needs help getting back to its natural balanced state.

Dry Skin

All skin needs a certain amount of moisturizing to keep it healthy and glowing. Using a light moisturizer will help avoid the feeling of product sitting on your skin while still giving you the hydration your skin needs. If you tend to use a heavy night cream, switch to a water-based lotion that will allow your skin to breathe while you sleep.

Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Many products tackle oiliness with harsh stripping agents. While this does get rid of excess oil in the short term, it will actually lead to more oil production in the long term and you will be left with even oilier skin than before! Applying a light clarifying oil to the skin daily will teach your skin that it is producing enough oil and will help slow down its oil production (which will lead to less break outs).


Instead of applying harsh peels or abrasive exfoliants to your skin, which can actually deepen existing wrinkles, use serums that give skin the care it needs to minimize wrinkles without damaging effects.

Take the time to listen to what your skin is telling you, and use only the products that will make your skin the best it can be. Remember, not all skin problems need commercial products to treat. Adjusting certain aspects of your daily routine, like diet, sleep cycles, and exercise can do wonders to achieving healthy skin!