An esthetician is a licensed professional who can perform a wide range of treatments to keep their clients’ skin looking young and radiant. An esthetician is an essential and integral part of what people do to nourish themselves in an effort to look good, and ultimately feel good.

An esthetician is knowledgeable about different types of skin conditions and understands what preventative care to suggest and then providing necessary skin treatments. These treatments might consist of performing facials which can improve skin tone and cleanse pores or giving facial massages that can relax muscles and increase blood flow.

An esthetician’s primary focus is to rejuvenate the skin to keep it looking young and fresh. This might be accomplished through a chemical peel, which reduces age spot and fine lines.  In addition, estheticans are trained at hair removal, giving body wraps, make-up application and treating acne. A trained esthetician will be able to provide at-home regimens so that clients will continue to nurture their skin.

The School of Medical & Botanical Aesthetics provides the training you might need to create a pampering and relaxing treatment by not just looking at the skin as a separate entity, but through a holistic approach that incorporates herbal treatment, the foods we eat and our overall outlook on life.