If you are looking for expert skincare advice, then an esthetician can provide you with the information that you need to discern  and weed out claims that are confusing and debunk myths.  An esthetician will understand what is best for your skin. An hour session will give you a better understanding of your skin type and you receive specialized advice.  An esthetician will be able to help you plan a routine for daily skin care.

Let’s face it, a facial can be incredibly relaxing.  Give yourself something nurturing to look forward to once or twice a month.  Pampering your skin is not the only benefit from seeing an esthetician.  You will also be pampering your soul.  Oftentimes, estheticians will massage not only the facial muscles, but the neck, head and shoulders.

Essentially, seeing an esthetician regularly allows you to do something for yourself that you can’t do on your own at home.  You become more confident in your knowledge of what products are right for you and what you can do on a day to day basis to look your best.  That is priceless!