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Winter Care for Your Skin

December is already halfway over – how is your skin? Each season requires slightly different skin care regimens; it is essential to tweak your skin care routine as the seasons change to give yourself the healthiest, happiest skin possible.

Winter can be a brutal time for your skin, especially in delicate areas like your face and lips. Freezing air and whipping winds, dry indoor heating, and the more-often-than-not hot, steamy shower can take a toll on your skin and leave it dehydrated, flaky, and irritated. Here are just a few winter skin care tips to help you avoid dull, dry skin this season:


During winter, anything that dries out your skin even more should be avoided. This includes excessive face washing! Try swapping one of your regular face washing sessions with a cleansing session instead. This can be done using cold milk and a cotton ball, coconut oil, a gentle facial cleanser from the store, or even just water. Cleansing will cut back on your skin’s dryness and will help you avoid that chapped, stripped feeling that comes from soap.


Exfoliation is key, regardless of the season. Using a mild exfoliating scrub once or twice weekly will eliminate dead, flaky skin and help smooth out your complexion. Instead of the dullness that can come with winter weather, your face will be left soft, glowing, and radiant. If you have sensitive skin, there are a variety of DIY facial scrubs that are all-natural and gentle.


Your skin is in constant contact with indoor heating and harsh winter air during these several months. To combat dryness, your moisturizer needs to be heavier than the one you use in the summer. Be sure to apply moisturizer both in the morning and before bed for best results. Moisturizing oils are another great option!

Don’t forget about one of the most sensitive areas of skin – your lips. They tend to be more susceptible to chapping and dehydration that the rest of your skin, so take care to apply lip balm and lip treatments regularly.


You can’t hear it enough – wear sunscreen! UVA and UVB rays are still very present during winter, even when the sun is hiding behind clouds. Apply sunscreen daily to avoid premature signs of aging, skin cancers, and other sun damage-related concerns.


Proper hydration is the first step toward healthy skin. Start your winter skin care routine from the inside out by drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced, nutritional diet.


Your skin care routine will need adjustments, from the moisturizer you use, to the amount of times you wash your face. Another tweak to consider is the temperature of your showers and baths. While it is extremely tempting on chilly days to turn up the water temperature, doing so will strip your skin of moisture and leave you feeling dry and chapped from head to toe. Warm, quick showers or baths are the way to go!