A chemical peel is the process of applying an acid to remove and exfoliate the outer layers of skin.  The purpose of having a chemical peel is to reduce the size of pores and smooth the texture of the skin.  As the acid removes the dead layer of skin the skin underneath will be free of fine lines and blemishes.  The process allows for new collagen to be produced which leads to younger looking skin.

There are three types of peels: light, medium and deep.  A licensed esthetician may only perform a light to moderate chemical peel.  Deep peels are only performed by a physician in a medical setting.  A light to moderate peel can still provide the same effect as a deeper peel and can do so safely without running the risk of creating permanent damage.  A light peel is a combination of Alpha-hydroxy acids and beta- hydroxy acids than can be done without having to take off time from work or life because there is very minimal peeling and flaking.  A medium peel is a little bit more aggressive and requires time away from work and life.  The skin turns red and becomes crusty and then peels and flakes.

A chemical peel should be done in moderation.  Due to the sensitivity of the skin after a peel, it is recommended that you have this procedure done in the fall and winter when you spend less time exposing your face to the sun.