Hillary Hilliard

Program Director, Founder, and Owner

Hillary is the founder and program director of the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, which she created in 2012. She also created sister programs: Denver Integrative Massage School (2010) and Herbalism Roots (2014). Hillary’s earlier background and studies were in English Literature and French. In 2004, she was inspired to move to Thailand and learn the ancient healing practice of Thai Yoga Massage, and she started her massage practice in Denver that year.

Early in her career, she worked at a medical spa in Denver that introduced her to the world of Aesthetics, Skincare, and Beauty. The most amazing aesthetician took her under her wing and at an early age helped her know how to care for her skin, which is a unique challenge with the dryness of Colorado. Along with appreciating the medical side of skincare, Hillary has been herbal-curious since her studies in Thailand, so she was always on the lookout for natural, botanical ways to heal, nourish, and to treat her skin.

In 2012, Hillary decided to create an Aesthetics program because she wanted students to be educated on both the medical and the botanical aspects of skincare. Both aspects are important and necessary for a well-rounded approach to treating skincare conditions. In addition, the aspect of healing touch that she draws upon from her massage background weaves throughout the Aesthetics program. Skincare is beauty, yes, but it’s also healing—healing how we feel about how we look, taking care of ourselves, allowing ourselves to feel beautiful. Beauty is from our hearts, which then radiates out through our skin.

Hillary looks forward to seeing you at clinics and connecting with you along your learning journey!

Hillary is one of the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever worked with. She truly puts all her effort into the work she does.
– Abby

Hillary is a true inspiration! She brings a level of authenticity and passion to everything that she does. Her generosity in both teaching and leadership is unmatched. I’m eternally grateful to be a part of her team!
– Martin

Hillary brings such a fun and uplifting atmosphere to classes and clinic. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge in all things massage and she has a talent for teaching in an engaging, detailed, and inclusive way. We love Hillary!
– Alison

It is truly an honor to work with and for Hillary. Not only is she our visionary and a “mother hen” to her staff and students, she is also a fierce businesswoman. When Hillary is teaching or in the office, you can be sure there’s lots of laughter. 
– Carsen

Hillary is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She grew these amazing, one-of-a-kind schools out of her own determination, dedication, and passion. She created something truly special that not only positively impacts my life and our students lives, but also the community at large. She is someone to admire for many reasons, but what she’s created for all of us is what I am most grateful for!
– Mal

Hillary is truly an inspiration! She has created the space for a family to emerge of students and staff. I am so thankful for the healing path she creates for all who are on a similar journey. She is a gifted healer and instructor! She supports learning on so many levels. Her teachings, passion for the healing arts, and her quality of touch leave students changed and immensely grateful for the experience!
– Kim

Hillary deeply cares about the students and helping them succeed. The schools, the staff, and the teachings are a reflection of Hillary; caring, compassionate, passionate, and kind.
– Alie

Hillary is an extraordinary leader who truly cares about everyone and wants to make a difference. Her kindness, guidance, motivation, and support are unmeasured. She shows this daily in her actions with compassion. Hillary’s impact and influence is a true inspiration. I feel grateful our paths have crossed and, on this journey, together.
– Jenn

Hillary is such a special person, educator and leader. She has put her heart and soul to make this school much more than just a place to pass a test. She puts the students’ experiences first and wants to make sure they have a warm, welcome and safe place to learn. You can tell how much she cares and the patience she has as she is always open to listening to students. That’s what makes her and the programs she has started on a different level than any other program. She has always believed in me and has been supportive in making sure we as instructors have room to grow.
– Kat