Kat DeJesus


With over 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, Kat has learned that make-up artistry is more than the latest trends and products. Her experience with high fashion photoshoots, music videos, store ads, commercials, and television has taught her the relevance of color theory, texture, and placement. As a highly experienced makeup artist, she knows there is a science involved in your beauty regimen and a purpose behind each look. Understanding the geometry of a face, the arch of a brow, the texture of the skin, and the colors that highlight a person’s natural features are the specific skills that Kat brings to each set and occasion. As a former student of the program herself, she understands the love there is in the details. This is the experience and passion she brings to her students. Born in Colorado, raised in Chicago, and back again, Kat has a unique approach to style and makeup that is enriched by her diverse experience and the cultural references she encounters every day. This appreciation for diversity and zest for knowledge keeps Kat at the forefront of beauty trends and highly sought after for creative partnerships. She is also a permanent student actively seeking new skills, techniques, and business tips that she can bring back to her classroom.

Fierce, passionate, makeup goddess, and all-in when it comes to educating our students!

Kat puts her heart into everything that she does. She energizes the room. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is never afraid to remind you how valuable you are.
Kat is an amazing and inspiring Instructor! She is daring and always pushes the boundaries of Makeup and Aesthetics. She really lights up the room when she is around!
Kat can’t hide her love for makeup, and all things aesthetics even if she tried. Authentically herself – her style is unmatched. she brings her A-game every day, and there isn’t a makeup look She can’t slay.
I will say that Kat is THE MOST upbeat, enthusiastic, and positive instructor, esthetician, and just overall person! She is equal parts all things skin NERD and ray of sunshine!