Mal Rink


Malorie Rink has been a licensed and practicing Esthetician in the state of Colorado since 2010. Throughout her career as an Esthetician, Mal has held many positions in the skincare industry including small business owner, spa management, lead esthetician, and freelance esthetic educator for Aveda. Malorie has spent the last 11 years becoming well-versed and advancing her technique in a variety of modalities in both the holistic and medical realms of Esthetics. Her advanced treatment list includes classic and volume eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, full-body, and facial waxing, facial massage techniques, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microneedling/nano-needling, and chemical peels. Teaching others is what brings Mal the most joy. Having an amazing Esthetics instructor when she was in school planted the seed for her long-term goal of becoming a teacher herself. She has spent her career accumulating as much knowledge in Esthetics as possible, with the intention of one day being able to share it with others! When she’s not at SBMA you can find her teaching hot yoga, practicing yoga, meditating, hiking, relaxing near some water, nerding out on science, Ayurveda & astrology, and hanging out with her sweet little chihuahua Roscoe!

We are so lucky to have Mal! She is wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind! I admire the attention to detail and care she takes with students. She is truly a wonderful teacher and Aesthetician!
Mal is always quick to advocate for the students, and she always brings a calming energy to the clinic.
Mal is such a wonderful teacher. She put 110% into all she does. She is devoted to making sure students get the most out of every class and interaction with her.
Mal is such an incredible wealth of knowledge through her years of experience in many aspects of esthetics and her own personal passion for the field. She loves passing along this knowledge to students in a fun, enriching, and rewarding way during their educational experience! We love Mal!
Mal has such calm, warm, kind energy. Her passion for esthetics and helping others radiates through her teaching.
Mal is such a charismatic instructor! She brings such a freshness to education and truly inspires students to want to learn!
Mal’s dream has been to teach Aesthetics. We are so glad she can fulfill her dreams at SBMA! Mal is detail-oriented & loves finding ways to make our processes clearer for students. We are grateful to have Mal on our team—we appreciate her kindness & her smile.